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Contract Options:

Full & Limited Contracts

Dachshund by Design has two different types of contracts regarding the purchase of a puppy, a full registration and a limited registration.  These contracts must by signed by the pet parent before the placement of the puppy into a family.

Limited Registration with a Spay/Neuter Contract is for puppies that will not pursue AKC conformations competitions.  The pet parent will have to sign and abide by the spay/neuter contract that is signed at the time of acceptance of a puppy.  Proof from a veterinarian that a spay/neuter surgery has been completed we will send the pet parent a limited AKC registration for their dog.

Full Registration is for puppies that a pet parent wants to enter in an AKC dog show conformation events.  If this type of contract is used for the purchase of a puppy it means the pet parent has no future obligations to Dachshund By Design.

Why the spay/neuter contract?  Dog fanciers are passionate about their breed and they want to be certain their breed is protected from irresponsible breeding.  AKC conformation events are always in pursuit of the perfect dog and selective breeding is a result of these competitions.  Also, the importance is the huge amount of unplanned puppies that hit our animal shelters daily.  It would be a crisis if Dachshund by Design contributed to this.

Let's do our part for all our pets and make sure that they all have the opportunity to get a loving and safe forever home.  Please be responsible - spay/neuter your dog!